Glow Up Mentally

Whether you want to build more confidence, stress less, or just practice some body positivity, this section of the blog has your back.

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Glow Up Physically

Beauty, style, skin & hair care, fitness, and all that jazz - click through for my top tips on looking & feeling good!

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Glow Up Financially

What's a glow up without some financial success? Learn how to save money, make more of it, or even be your own boss with these helpful posts.

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Who Am I?

Brianna Jay | Blogger, Entrepreneur, INFJ

On my journey to empower myself, I learned I could empower others simultaneously.

That's when I created Let Love Design. I couldn't keep to myself all the things I learned to help me overcome social anxiety, build confidence, & create a lifestyle I'd always dreamed about. Read more...


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