3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Do you ever feel a nagging sensation deep in your heart that tells you something has to give in order for you to start living life according to your standards?  I spent almost 23 out of my 28 years feeling this way.  I felt as if my circumstances would never change unless I did something about them – and I NEEDED them to change desperately.

When I began my journey of self-discovery, I learned that my mental health plays a big part in my life.  I realized that our mental health is so much more important than we let on.  It has a lot to do with our success and failures.  It has even more to do with how we react to these ups and downs.  The status of your mental health can determine where you are in life and, more importantly, where you’re going.

These 3 simple steps alone won’t solve all life’s problems for you, but just know that by implementing them into your life, you’ll begin to unleash something many of us are unaware we even have – the power to change our own life and pursue our dreams with intention.

“The status of your mental health can determine where you are in life and, more importantly, where you’re going.”

Take care of your physical health

Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand.  It’s important for us to take care of our mind, body, and soul.  That may seem cliche, but it seriously makes a huge difference.  If you have any bad habits concerning your health, it’s best to kick these habits and replace them with good, clean habits.  It’s even better to practice these habits on a daily basis.  The small little victories add up to big success.  For me, I had to stop eating processed junk and replace it with REAL food.  I cut out soda and replaced it with green tea.  I also made it a point to do some physical activity every day, no matter how small.

The key here is to not overwhelm yourself.  Staying healthy is a lifestyle, not a fad.  It’s super crucial to make sure we can keep up with the lifestyle, so keep it simple.  Start small.  When you conquer one thing (such as cutting out soda) you’ll build momentum onto the next task.  After ditching the soda your first week, you could add more fruits and veggies to your diet the next week.  After that, take out the junk.  Once you’ve got that down, you can implement exercise.  Doing it this way got my life on the right track physically and the benefits spilled over mentally as well.

Set Goals

This is the biggest tip I can give.  Having goals in place and working toward accomplishing them daily will set you off in the right direction more than anything else.  When we reach our goals, something beautiful happens.  We begin to feel accomplished and confident.  Not only does it make us feel on top of the world, but it also puts us steps closer to having what we desire in our life.  Get some goals in place, write ’em down, and get to work on making them happen.

Do what you can with what you’ve got

It can be all too easy for those of us dealing with mental health issues to think we don’t have what it takes.  We often think we aren’t good enough or maybe our circumstances stop us from living the life we desire.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prevented my own self from going after something I really wanted all because my situation wasn’t “ideal” or perfect.  I literally can’t tell you because it happened all my life… too many times to count. 

It was when I let go of this idea of perfectionism and just started doing what I could with the resources I had that I realized life is moving with or without us.  It’s not going to sit around waiting for us to get all our ducks in a row.  If we want something, we have to go after it before it’s too late and the opportunity passes us by.  Living with regret is absolutely no fun.  Let go of perfection and live in the moment.


Remember, one size does not fit all when in the process of improving your mental health and gaining control in your life… We each have a unique purpose guided by our own individual talents, skills, and abilities.  However, my hope for you is that these 3 simple ways to improve your mental health will be the building blocks you need on your path to success.  Success that is ultimately defined by you.

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