How to Stop Overthinking Fast

Life moves so fast and I know it's easy to let our minds move even faster. However, it can be problematic to overthink everything. Sometimes you just want to slow it down and enjoy living. 

My best tip for calming down an overactive mind? Be present. Sounds a bit zen, doesn't it? Well it can really help you when you feel like your mind is racing a million miles per minute and you can't focus on anything happening around you... like the conversation you're in right now. Wait, was it my turn to speak? Yea, I've been there.

Here are some of the ways you can be present to stop overthinking…

Use Your Senses

One of the quickest and simplest ways for you to be present is to simply take in your surroundings using your senses. What can you see around you? Do you smell the grass or maybe the fresh laundry you just finished? How about the TV in the background, you hear that? Whatever your senses can recognize, you should take a second and notice them. This will put you in the moment as it's happening and help calm your thoughts.

Experience Gratitude

Maybe your overactive thoughts are a bit like mine in the sense that they are overwhelming and a bit anxiety-driven. Those are the moments when I really want to stop overthinking so much. In these situations, I stop focusing on the thoughts and start feeling genuine appreciation for all that I have in my life. Now, before you start grumbling "but I don't have anything in my life" just understand that everyone has something to be grateful for. Maybe it's your kids or your spouse, maybe you're grateful for the fact that you have a vehicle or that you don't have to sleep on the cold hard ground outdoors. Start looking for things to appreciate and trust me... you'll find them. 

Release Your Thoughts

Again, I might get a bit zen here, but there's nothing wrong with that. I used to take full ownership of every thought I had. I would think some random terrible thought and then immediately regret it and wonder why I'm such a terrible person that would think something like that! Sound familiar? You are not your thoughts. Let me repeat that for emphasis... You are not your thoughts. Treat them like they are above your head, not in it, just passing by you like a cloud. All day, your thoughts just pass over your head and you can choose which ones to grab a hold of and dwell on. Let's not dwell on those annoying, terrible, why-did-I-think-that, what's-wrong-with-me thoughts, m'kay pumpkin? Just let those bad boys go. I know, I know... easier said than done, but once you start practicing this habit it really becomes second nature and gets so much easier.

There ya go... my top tips for you on how to stop overthinking. They take some effort, but are completely worth it and should help your mind to be at ease. I hope these tips help you. Please comment below if they do or if you have your own go-to tip to stop overthinking.

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